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Why Nemesi?

NEMESI she is the personification in Greek and Latin mythology of distributive justice, and therefore punisher of what, exceeding the right measure, disturbs the order of the universe.

The term NEMESI for us, it refers solely to the goddess of justice, describing an intrinsic need for balance, order, right measure and harmony.

The pourpose of NEMESI is to create an environment that reflects everyone's needs and desires, while giving them a form and a relationship between everything which, in the passage of the mind to the real environment, passes through a vision that aims at tangible harmony and concrete.



which does not mean emptiness of spaces but respect for the natural harmony oftorredi



 which is the set of characteristics which, starting from the choice of colours, symmetries, positions and materials, has the aim of enhancing the environment by generating positive sensations


which, although not objectifiable, is that sensation that leaves the impression of being in a pleasant space


which does not mean emptiness of spaces but respect for the natural harmony of the furnishings

Cristian Spinoni, interior designer.

Graduated in 2016 from the Mariano Fortuny institute in Brescia, he immediately began his career at a furniture factory in Franciacorta, a few years later he moved to an interior design studio with the aim of personally creating tailor-made environments for customers.  

After several years of collaboration he decided, in 2022, to start his own business.

This decision was born from a passion for design, combined with the desire to create a personal project, which can become the container of his ideas and creativity. 


Three-dimensional design and photorealistic rendering for interiors and exteriors.

Home staging directly in the home with objects.


Interior design from the study of personalized spaces to the supply of furnishings.


General telephone and home consultancy regarding furnishing issues.

Personalized consultancy for additional restyling, via rendering, of already furnished spaces.

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